The Corruption of EOS Nation

The Facts

A Timeline of Evidence

Figure 1: The Average Number of Transactions Per Block, by BP
Figure 2: Number of Transactions in EOS Nation’s blocks, note the sudden increase at block 149,507,144
Exhibit 1: owner and active keys are set to eosnationftw, EOS Nations BP account.
Figure 3: The Distribution of’s (eosnationftw) GRV mining rewards vs an honest miner, note that EOS Nation’s rewards are suspiciously never below 0.003, and their probability of a large reward is orders of magnitude higher than an honest miner
Figure 4: The percentage of’s mining actions signed by each producer on 2020–11–04. Note that fully 20% of’s mine actions take place during eosnationftw’s production rounds, a clear indication that they are abusing their position as BP’s to manipulate the ordering of transactions within a block. This front running is a violation of Clause 8 in the ricardian contract EOS Nation agreed to when they pushed regproducer.
Exhibit 2: rhythmically selling GRV on Defibox

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