If EOS Nation Wasn’t Front Running…

…then why were more of their mining transactions signed by their own block producing node, eosnationftw, than any other BP?

2020–11–04 to 2020–10–31: Note the spike in transactions during eosnationftw’s block production rounds

Each bar on this chart represents the percentage of EOS Nation’s total GRAVY mining transactions which were signed by each BP.

Over 20% of their total mining transactions occurred in their own blocks, showing unambiguously the scale of the advantage they received when they were scheduled to produce.

And why is EOS Nations’ arbitrage robot, trader.sx, exhibiting a similar pattern?

2020–11–14 to 2020–11–02: Note well the same spike in transactions included during EOS Nation’s own production rounds.

This shows that in addition to front running GRAVY miners, EOS Nation has been front running regular arbitrage transactions as well. Put simply, if EOS Nation wasn’t abusing their own node for advantage over others, we would not see the same spike in transactions during their own block production rounds.

We can see EOS Nation has a clear advantage when they are scheduled to produce versus when other BP’s are producing. The availability of arbitrage opportunities should occur independently of which BP is currently scheduled to produce. In other words, there is no reason to expect that more arb opportunities would be available during eosnationftw’s rounds than any other BP.

Being a Block Producer (BP) on the EOS Main-net is a sacred responsibility which should not be handed to those with weak moral compasses. You can’t get robbed by a BP “a little bit.” The erosion of trust is instant. Instead of addressing our allegations of front-running, Denis and Yves of EOS Nation have conveniently forgotten to explain this data, choosing instead to talk in circles on telegram.

No amount of fraud is acceptable for a BP. They are the ultimate deciders of transaction ordering. In the legacy financial markets, participants pay billions of dollars to influence the ordering of financial transactions, so great is the value of this responsibility. The EOS Main-net cannot afford for a BP to go rogue.

If we really want EOS to become a DeFi juggernaut, we cannot tolerate any amount of predatory behavior from our BPs. They are supposed to be protectors of the community. Right now the EOS DeFi ecosystem is small, but when there are billions flowing through the main-net will we still tolerate the milking of our network?