On October 19th 2020 at approximately 5:00 pm EST, we launched GRAVY: the world’s first decentralized High Frequency Trading (dHFT) strategy. GRAVY’s trading logic is powered directly from the CPU resources of hundreds of miners distributed across the globe.

During this time GRAVY has put up some impressive numbers:

  • GRAVY miners found 8,987.9853 EOS ($23,728.28 USD) worth of arbitrage trades.

…then why were more of their mining transactions signed by their own block producing node, eosnationftw, than any other BP?

2020–11–04 to 2020–10–31: Note the spike in transactions during eosnationftw’s block production rounds

Each bar on this chart represents the percentage of EOS Nation’s total GRAVY mining transactions which were signed by each BP.

Over 20% of their total mining transactions occurred in their own blocks, showing unambiguously the scale of the advantage they received when they were scheduled to produce.

And why…

The Facts

  • Between July 6th 2020 and October 28th 2020, 93.67% of the blocks produced by EOS Nation’s BP account, eosnationftw, had 0 transactions. Fully 99.89% had less than 5 transactions. Only 1.16% of the blocks from all other BP’s had 0 transactions.
  • The only successful transactions that were included in eosnationftw…

Effective immediately, DAPP token holders who stake with the EOSOption DSP “rebates1” package will now earn 90% of daily inflation which currently amounts to ~5.25% annualized yield*

As some of our stakeholders noticed last night, we have decided to increase the inflation pass-through rate from 80% to 90%.

The remaining 10% will flow directly into the EOSOptions Community Fund (CF) which is the foundation of our groundbreaking Negative Fee Model which pays end-users to trade. This creates…


Self-Cleared Low-Latency OTC Options DEX. EOSOptions is a decentralized platform enabling users to create and trade OTC options on-chain. Built on EOSIO tech

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